A new integrated CCTV and Traffic Management System


Dynniq deploys a new integrated CCTV and Traffic Management System for City of Wolverhampton Council

To efficiently manage traffic across the region, the City of Wolverhampton Council (CWC) use CCTV to support their Traffic Management System (Dynniq TMS). Having upgraded and adapted the legacy analogue CCTV system many times, it had become difficult to use and expensive to maintain. In addition, the CCTV system did not provide the functionality required for future needs and therefore there was a requirement to upgrade to an IP CCTV system.

As an incumbent traffic systems provider, Dynniq collaborated with Now Wireless, the city’s mesh communications provider, to deliver an end to end solution. A new traffic CCTV control system was developed and integrated, linking over 150 existing IP and analogue cameras across the city. The project also improved the work environment for the Control Room staff and future-proofed the CCTV Control Room. The solution enabled greater flexibility for viewing and control whilst providing an up-to-date and high-quality user interface.

A key challenge of the project was to provide a cost-effective CCTV upgrade that utilised the existing analogue cameras in a hybrid solution. The new integrated system is now used for both traffic management, City Watch and is available to partner organisations such as the Police and Car Parking Services. As system owners, CWC are now also able to set access rights for partner organisations. This effective management of data and restricting operational access to relevant data ensures compliance with current GDPR legislation.

A further benefit provided by the system is the ability to interrogate the usage of the system both at a camera level and an operator level. The system allows reports to be compiled detailing how often a camera has been utilised and by which operator. These essential analytics assist in measuring operational performance along with supporting the annual review and security audits on the use of all cameras across the city.

The next step will see a programme for Dynniq to migrate the remaining analogue cameras to IP as funds become available, install additional IP cameras and a scheme to further reduce ongoing costs by migrating existing cellular CCTV cameras onto the new system. In addition, to maximise the benefits of the new system’s scalability, Dynniq are looking to provide remote workstations and customised CCTV control functionality for the Council’s Parking Services, West Midlands Police as well as city centre security teams.

From an interface perspective, the evolving software is being developed to harness automatic incident detection reducing the reliance on manual intervention. Building on this, interfaces with other systems are being developed to enable full functionality and transfer of data across a variety of sources which is critical to managing the highway network more effectively.

“Our work with City of Wolverhampton Council has been an exciting challenge, and our strong working relationship has allowed for an ideal solution to upgrade their end-of-life analogue CCTV to IP and fully integrate it with our TMS system. I look forward to continuing working with Wolverhampton and I am pleased to announce that Dynniq has been awarded the contract to maintain the CCTV cameras across the city for the next three years.”

Darren Mancey, Regional Operations Manager, Dynniq UK & Ireland

“Dynniq’s involvement in managing and delivering this complex project was critical to its success. Replacing our outdated system with minimum downtime took significant organisation and planning. The design and development of the software and hardware solution utilised wide-ranging expertise to implement and integrate the new hybrid system, thus allowing us to develop a phased approach to future expansion and upgrade, in line with budgetary limitations. It’s another excellent example of what can be achieved through a strong partnership.”

John Charles, Traffic Manager, City of Wolverhampton Council

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