Our History


G. K. Instruments

Our journey started as G. K. Instruments where we were recognised for our product portfolio of data collection


Peek Traffic

The acquisition by Peek Traffic gave us a strong brand and expanded our product portfolio to include Elite signals as well as detection devices


Acquired Ferranti 

After acquiring Ferranti, our product portfolio expanded and we launched our Outstation Transmission Units (OTU)


Acquired Elequip Traffic Signals

Following the acquisition of Elequip, we expanded our value proposition to include installation and maintenance services. This has continued today and is known as our Field Engineering Services team


Acquired GEC

This allowed our expansion into software solutions. Our Urban Traffic Control (UTC) now commonly known as our Traffic Management System (TMS), included the ownership rights to SCOOT was acquired from GEC. We also expanded our product portfolio to include push buttons.

Further hardware and software developments included the launch of our Remote Monitoring System (RMS).

In addition to our expansion in software solutions, we entered the Systems market where we launched our Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System (HADECS), our 1st generation Ramp Metering, as well as our Control Office-Based System.

Today this is known as our Inter Urban Systems business line.


Imtech N. V. acquired Peek

During this time, we developed our Urban Systems business line with the launch of our first series of Peek Traffic Controllers (PTC-1) and later added on Remote Lamp Control System (RLCS).

We also expanded our Field Engineering Services business line in Ireland as a result of our Dublin City Council contract win in 2012.


Peek Traffic was renamed to Imtech Traffic and Infra UK

Further growth in Software as a Service, enabled us to develop our ImCity to create a smart cities platform which included private hosting in our Ark data centre


2015 to now

Bought by Egeria and rebranded as Dynniq in 2016

Expansion of our capabilities now included major contract turn-key solutions. The award of the Mersey Gateway project demonstrated these capabilities of master systems integration. We further expanded these capabilities with our first Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning (EPIC) project in Ireland.

Additional capabilities within our Field Engineering Services value proposition now included a centralised Customer Service Desk.