Dynniq participates in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems trials

Why the need for FLOURISH?

As part of the Government’s Intelligent Mobility Fund, Innovate UK launched FLOURISH as a Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) initiative. The focus of the project was to develop the optimum conditions for the effective wireless transfer of data between vehicles and roadside infrastructure. This enabled a range of services and capabilities that link driver’s needs with new technology services.

What is it?

FLOURISH was a multi-sector collaboration that helped to advance the successful implementation of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) in the UK, by developing services and capabilities that link user needs and system requirements whilst maximising the benefits of CAVs for users and transport authorities.

How does it work?

We developed a central software platform that analyses traffic data in real-time. Turning this data into personalised traffic information messages for road users aims to better inform them of current road conditions and more importantly, advise of any expected changes during their journeys.

Our engineers performed testing and simulations before conducting three on-road trials to provide insights into the performance and benefits in-vehicle services offer to road users in increasingly busy urban environments.

Where is it being deployed?

The 3-year project concluded with car trials in Bristol and London that will enable the future real-time communication of journey information. In the future, these C-ITS services could be seen to inform drivers on active speed advisory messages, potential obstacles and contextualized traffic information directly from traffic control centres.