Dynniq proudly supports the development of safe and efficient Smart Motorways

Why the need for HADECS ?

In order to meet ever increasing levels of demand across the UK’s major road networks, Smart Motorways are becoming an essential part of Highways England’s traffic management strategy. However, high levels of compliance with mandatory variable speed limits is required to achieve safety, smooth traffic flow and reduce congestion.

What is it?

HADECS stands for Highway Agency Digital Enforcement and Compliance System and we’ve developed this alongside Highways England. The purpose of this system is to promote compliance with variable mandatory speed limits and lane closures operated on Smart Motorway schemes.

How does it work?

The HADECS system combines speed detection with image capture and data transmission, using active traffic management techniques and variable speed limits to automatically adjust to changing traffic flows. They can adapt to a temporary change in speed limit and to open the hard shoulder to increase capacity and keep traffic flowing during busy periods.

This system has evolved from a single-lane system to the latest HADECS3 version, which enforces variable mandatory speed limits on up to four lanes. Compliance with speed limits and lane closures is essential for safe and efficient operation of Smart Motorways.

Where is it being deployed?

The system is currently being deployed along the M1 in Derbyshire, M6 in Staffordshire, M25 in Surrey, M20 in Kent, M25 in Kent, M62 in West Yorkshire and M5 in Somerset.