York CarFlow

Dynniq partners with City of York Council on delivering the UK’s first public-facing GLOSA capabilities

Why the need for GLOSA?

City of York Council as part of their Smart Travel Evolution Programme (STEP) decided to change their traditional approach to traffic improvement and ensure that interoperability was established between new technology and existing infrastructure which allows vehicles and traffic signals to work seamlessly together.

What is it?

GLOSA stands for Green Light Optimal Speed Advise and it is a mechanism to advise drivers of the optimal speed to pass through traffic signals smoothly without the need to stop. CarFlow is the name given to the GLOSA app created against City of York’s requirements.

How does it work?

CarFlow improves the connectivity between road-users, roadside assets and central systems, helping cities understand and accommodate changing levels of demand. CarFlow predicts the behaviour of the traffic light ahead, communicating this back to the driver through an app. The app informs the driver of the remaining time of the traffic lights and advise their speed, allowing drivers to adapt their behaviour resulting in a reduction of stop – start traffic. This improves road safety, reduces emissions and significant financial savings, whilst allowing traffic to move freely.

*Mock up of the app interface

Where is it being deployed?

The app is being trailed initially at junctions A59 and A1079 on the outskirts of York city centre.