Traffic Signal Heads: the basis of traffic safety

The right light for all road users

For most of us, they’re a part of everyday life – the red, amber and green lights for motorized vehicles, the red or green figures that indicate when pedestrians can cross the street, or the lights that indicate when cyclists have right of way. At Dynniq, we offer traffic signal heads for a wide range of applications and for all road users – from installations for permanent intersections of any size to temporary, battery-powered lights for portable installations, for example, road works. Our entire range is available in 12-, 48- and 230-volt variants, with either standard symbols and colours, or variations upon request. These products can also be combined with our traffic light controllers, ensuring an integrated and high-quality traffic management system for anything from a two-pole pedestrian crossing to a complex, fifty-pole intersection.

Reliable, efficient solutions for every situation

  • From permanent installations at intersections of any size to battery-powered, portable installations
  • With standard or tailored symbols and colours
  • Combinable with traffic light controllers for an integrated, high-quality traffic management system
  • Available in 12-, 48- and 230-volt variants
  • Industry-leading 7-year warranty
  • Low power consumption
  • Full support & maintenance

Industry-leading 7-year warranty

Reliability and convenience are key words in traffic – as they are in our product development. Dynniq’s traffic light heads are easy to install and maintain, with an industry-leading 7-year warrantee.

Low power consumption

With best-in class power consumption levels, our traffic signal heads are good for the environment and for our customers, as extremely low consumption and running costs translate into low electricity bills and power savings.

Full support & maintenance

Depending on the customer’s needs, Dynniq offers product supply and installation packages, or separate services. A complete package includes installation (with on-site cabling and engineering) and on-going maintenance, with a strong team of experts keeping an eye on hardware and software – and ready to intervene in the event of urgent issues.

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