Customer Service Desk

Current Challenges

Traffic signals systems are essential in keeping people, goods and data moving safely, every day. From major traffic interchanges to local pedestrian crossings, traffic signals help road users enjoy safer and more efficient journeys, and allows operators to effectively manage the road network for the benefit of their local communities.

However, as with any technology working 24 hours a day, traffic signals will occasionally malfunction or require maintenance. From a light remaining on red, to problems with traffic light sequencing, even a minor fault can cause major disruption to journey times and put road user safety in danger.

Introducing Dynniq’s Customer Service Desk

Having a fast, reliable and responsive service maintenance partner is essential in keeping road users safe and getting traffic moving. Our local, specialist and proactive asset maintenance Customer Service Desk is available to respond to traffic signal systems faults 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our specialist operators will assess the severity presented by the fault. The repair is then logged, prioritised and our operators will locate and assign a member of our specialist engineering team from one of our regional service centres. Through our asset and fault management systems, customers can view live updates on the response time, progress of the repair, and a notification on when the repair has been completed. All without the need for our customers to visit the site.

Benefits of our Customer Service Desk

Our Customer Service Desk is here to enhance and improve the reliability and resilience of the traffic network through proactive year-round responsive, reliable incident support, 24 hours a day. Helping road users enjoy safer, more efficient journeys, and the road network operators to effectively manage the network for the benefit of their local communities.


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