Urban Signal Maintenance

Traffic Signal Maintenance keeps city traffic flowing smoothly

Traffic signalization can do its vital work of managing traffic and keeping road users safe only if it is competently installed and maintained. Regular inspections and servicing also contribute to a longer product life and lower costs. At Dynniq, not only do we offer industry-leading traffic signals, we also provide comprehensive Traffic Signal Maintenance services. The service includes maintenance of all traffic signals and associated equipment, periodic inspections, bulk lamp changes, electrical inspections, cleaning and a 24/7 fault response and repair service, 365 days per year. By keeping lights, controllers and the associated equipment in excellent condition, we enable people to reach their destinations safely and on time.

The men and women on the ground

Traffic Signal Maintenance has been one of Dynniq’s core services for 40 years and we currently hold over 50 maintenance contracts across the UK and Ireland. Our company is built on delivering traffic signal maintenance and installation contracts for local councils and authorities. These contracts involve looking after a wide range of traffic signal control equipment, including both Dynniq and third party supplied products.

Our team comprises over 200 signal experts, including engineers and installers trained in all aspects of traffic signal support and service. These ‘men and women on the ground’ are fully equipped to perform preventative and reactive maintenance services – so as to ensure smooth and continuous flow of traffic.

Urban Signal Maintenance in numbers:

  • Dynniq has offered this service for 40 years
  • We have contracts with 50 public and private entities
  • 13 Service Centres around the UK and Ireland
  • 600 new traffic controllers are installed every year
  • 8,000 sets of new traffic light heads are installed every year
  • We offer 365 days of service a year

In-depth knowledge and a comprehensive service

Based on our two-front approach – inspection and repairs – we have engineers and installers working from 13 local Service Centres around the UK. We combine local knowledge with in-depth knowledge of equipment, which we design and produce ourselves. The scope of the maintenance contracts includes the maintenance of all traffic signals and associated equipment, periodic inspections of equipment, bulk lamp changes, electrical inspections, cleaning of equipment and a 24/7 fault response and repair service 365 days per year.

Predicting the unpredictable

Customers have relied on our know-how and experience since the beginning. We have a proven track record of excellent service, and we are known throughout the industry for our high-quality equipment and dedication to keeping drivers safe. We work with local authorities and private sector clients across the urban infrastructure; providing a wide range of technology solutions and systems designed for urban transport management, monitoring and control applications. Our careful planning and responsive teams are there to keep unpredictable situations to a minimum, so that urban driving continues from day to day as smoothly as possible.