Hardware Manufacturing

In-house Hardware Manufacturing for trustworthy, best-in-class results

Mobility may be a fluid concept, blending abstract notions of time and movement – mobility solutions are built on solid, down-to-earth hardware. At Dynniq, we build the hardware that goes into our products, systems and services ourselves. We think it is the best way to guarantee top-notch quality and reliability, cutting-edge design and full compliance with industry standards.

We care about manufacturing our own hardware

From traffic light heads and traffic signal controllers to interfaces and roadside units, Dynniq designs and manufactures all its hardware in-house. We are fully involved in the entire life-cycle of every product or system we deliver. From design to sale to maintenance. No buying and rebranding, just our own cutting-edge designs. In fact, manufacturing our own hardware is so important to us that it accounts for a significant part of our activities.

Ownership facilitates continuous improvement

Our deliberate ownership of production means that we operate a constantly evolving cycle. At our world-class facilities, we are continuously designing and implementing new products to meet the changing needs and experiences of our market and our world.

From monitoring to innovation

A vital part of this ongoing cycle of improvement – alongside conceptualization, design and implementation – are maintenance and enhancement. Data derived from constant monitoring of the performance of our products and systems are fed back into the development process. Our highly qualified teams of engineers provide constant product support and maintenance. And as a result, our product teams introduce new, upgraded models regularly, continuously raising the bar for safe, efficient mobility.

Hardware you can trust

This ongoing process of refinement and development is what keeps our hardware best-in-class. It is the reason why we are known for our reliable, easy-to-maintain, and fully compliant products.